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The digital level of Italian cities is growing

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The digital level of Italian cities is growing

The results of the“Survey on the digital maturity of the capital municipalities”, made by Fpa, a company of the Digital360 group, for Deda Next (new name of Dedagroup Public Services) are sensational, even with respect to the objectives of the NRP. According to research in 2022 in fact, the level of digital maturity is growing widely of local realities, the differences between North and Center South and between larger and smaller administrations are fading.


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Not only: 41 cities reached a “good” level in 2022 of digital maturity, well 25 more than 16 last year. Of these, 10 get the highest score in all and three areas analyzed (Bologna, Brescia, Florence, Genoa, Lodi, Milan, Modena, Padua, Pisa and Rome Capital), highlighting an interesting dimensional and geographical mix.

Digital identity

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The survey analyzes the degree of digital maturity of the 110 Italian municipalities capital on the basis of three dimensions: Digital public services, the online availability level of 20 of the main services for citizens and businesses; Digital PA, the integration of Municipalities with the main enabling platforms identified by the three-year plan for public IT (SPID, CIE, PagoPA, AppIO); Digital Openness, which measures the degree of openness of municipal administrations in terms of the number and interoperability of open data and the level of communication with citizens through social channels. The research is based on Deda Next’s Ca.Re (Realized Change) model, revised this year in its indicators to align the detection metrics to the achievement of the quantitative targets of Mission 1, Component 1 of the PNRR, dedicated to Digitization, innovation and safety in the PA (M1C1).

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The 2022 survey highlights an important increase in the availability of online services by cities. Out of 110 provincial municipalities, as many as 91 guarantee at least 10 online services out of the 20 monitored (they were 66 in 2021), 34 guarantee 15 or more (compared to 17 in the past survey). This increase is also reflected in the maturity levels attributed to each entity by the Digital public services index. In fact, 34 Municipalities attesting to a “good” level of maturity (+11 compared to 2021), in addition to 57 that reach a medium-high level (+6). On the other hand, the municipalities that are positioned in the lower bands are reduced: 15 are at a medium-low level (-10 compared to 2021) and only 4 at a low level (-7).

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