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The Emilia-Romagna Region is strengthening its free vaccination offer – Health

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The Emilia-Romagna Region is strengthening its free vaccination offer – Health

Regional prevention plan updated and strengthened compared to the national one: already this year greater protection for adolescents, children and vulnerable people. The technical update document has been sent to all those involved by the Department of Health Policies. Greater chances of getting vaccinated compared to the national plan

April 16, 2024 – La Emilia Romagna region further strengthens its own I commit per health protection of citizens, enriching, starting from this year, the free vaccination offer addressed to children, teenagers (males and females) and people with fragility.

The new Regional vaccination prevention plan 2023-2025 approved in recent months by the council now comes further implemented and integrated also with respect to the national onefollowing the evaluation carried out by the Regional Vaccination Technical Group and the Regional Vaccine Commission: from this year, free vaccination against meningococcus B is introduced for adolescents (males and females) and against human papilloma virus (HPV), both for the girls that for i Boys until 26 years. Particular attention is paid to more fragile people: it was indeed introduced the possibility of receiving booster vaccines anti-meningococcal B and ACWY in case of specific pathological conditionse the audience was expanded Of citizens with fragility who can be vaccinated againstherpes zoster (the so-called ‘St. Anthony’s Fire’).

All those interested in the vaccination plan, starting from the health authorities, have already been sent byDepartment of Health Policies il technical document with operational update instructions, to ensure their application homogeneous on the regional territoryin a manner coordinated and with the contribution of the actors involved.


Meningococchi. From this year, the free offer of the meningococcal B vaccine is active for adolescents starting from those born in 2011 and, upon request, for those born in 2007; the right to free access is maintained until the age of 18 (i.e. within 17 years and 364 days of age). Vaccinations for meningococcal B and ACWY are also provided for children, teenagers and adults at greater risk for specific pathological conditions, with the indication of booster doses for both vaccines in case of persistence of some of these health conditions.

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Papilloma virus (HPV). The vaccine remains free until their 26th birthday for females born in 1996 and from this year, in Emilia-Romagna, also for males born in 2006 who have not previously been vaccinated. The free offer is extended, without age limit, in case of HIV positivity and for women with a previous diagnosis of HPV-related lesions, treated by conization. In our region, in consideration of the existing scientific literature, a free offer is also provided for specific categories of people at risk up to the age of 46 (45 years and 364 days): men who have sex with other men, people engaged in prostitution, people who undertake the gender transition process or have specific pathological conditions. For older ages, the offer of vaccination for the aforementioned categories of people for HPV remains valid in consideration of the joint evaluation between the vaccinating doctor and the reference specialist.

Herpes zoster. Free vaccination is offered to 65 year olds (starting from those born in 1952 and, in 2024, to those born in 1959) and to people over 18 suffering from specific pathologies. The Emilia-Romagna Region has also extended the free offer to those who have had relapses of herpes zoster or particularly serious forms of shingles and other specific pathological conditions.

No changesInstead, for all other vaccinations intended for adults and children.

For information you can contact vaccination services of community pediatrics and public hygiene in their area of ​​residence and to their own medici affiliated (general practitioners and paediatricians of free choice), or consult the Region’s website

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