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The former “Thanksgiving” team created a new RPG title “Guilty Kings” to the public, and the Chinese version is also on sale | 4Gamers

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Developed by LANCARSE, which was formed by the former “Tenjin” team, and released by FURYU, the brand-new game “Sin King”right“(Monark) was officially released today (10). The Asian localized version is expected to be released on October 14.

The story describes that when the protagonist played by the player wakes up, what is greeted by the new Mimon Academy, which is isolated from the outside world under the influence of the mysterious force field, the mysterious fog that makes people crazy, the mysterious phone that can make calls to other worlds, and Seven demon contractors who use their own power to activate special abilities.

Event scene (7)

Event scene (9)

In order to fight against the status quo of madness, abnormality, violence, and unreasonableness, you have acquired the demon power “hypocritical power” that feeds on self and madness, and set up the “True Student Union” in order to solve the abnormal situation in the school. After you become the vice president, you will be able to choose a “partner” from the four characters and work hard to fight the unreasonable cruel status quo in order to restore the school to its original state.

Event scene (5)Event scene (4)Event scene (3)Event scene (1)

The game is a turn-based RPG, with up to six people participating in the battle. This game uses a free-movement command battle system, including attacks from behind and joint attacks with the surrounding us. Constantly paying attention to the enemy’s position to make judgments will become the key to the battle.

Battle scene (2)

Battle scene (1)

Can be in battleUnleash a powerful force “power” to increase the madness of the charactervalue, When this numbervalueWhen the accumulation reaches the maximum, it will enter the “madness state”. After several rounds of attacks regardless of the enemy or the enemy, it will self-destruct and fall into a state of being unable to fight. If you can control the madness, it will become one of the reliable helpers.

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Event scene (10)

In the game, the “Seven Deadly Sins” are used to show the player’s various desires, the parameter “EGO”, including arrogance, anger, jealousy, lust, greed, gluttony, and laziness. As the story progresses, the player’s answers to various questions will greatly affect the increase in these types of values.

EGO (2)

EGO (1)

EGO will affect the “devil”, which is a demon that only you can use. Among the envoys that are divided into seven types of attributes, the envoys, which reflect the player’s self, will begin to be enlisted in order. In addition to customizing the appearance and sound of the “Magic”, the choice of enhanced equipment will also be proportional to the player’s EGO value.

Buddy skilltree

The traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean versions of “Guilty King” will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on October 14, 2021.


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