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“The last two years have been tough, thanks to those who have been close to us”

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After 17 years of activity, the B-Club gym in Valdobbiadene closes. The announcement was made by the owner himself Dario Brucculeri.

“They have been really beautiful years, full of satisfaction and colored by all your smiles. However, the past two years have been extremely tough. We tried to resist, to reorganize ourselves, to put in increasingly bigger pieces. Unfortunately the numbers have not proved us right for some time and the lack of agreement for the renewal of the rental contract has definitively stopped us.“.

So Dario wanted to explain the reason for this choice, in a gym that, over the years, has been a point of reference not only for the Valdobbiadenesi but also for the other municipalities of the Quartier del Piave, Valcavasia, Vallata and Basso Feltrino. .

A decision, as specified, also taken because of the aftermath that Covid has left in this year and a half.

“I also want to thank those who criticized and put us in difficulty, because we have learned to react and overcome our limits. Thanks to those closest to us, with messages of support, hugs and even some donations – explains Dario -. We will cool the engines, catch our breath and charge the batteries to leave with new proposals and adventures ”.

“We will continue with the online courses in other structures – he concludes -. Therapeutic massage and osteopathy services will also remain active in Valdobbiadene. The hope is that we will soon be able to find a solution to this sad ending“.

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(Photo: B-Club Valdobbiadene).

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