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The Omicron variant and the new symptoms: hallucinations and sleep paralysis

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What emerged in the United Kingdom

Among the new symptoms of the omicron variant there would also be disorders that affect patients in the REM sleep phase.

The new symptom was recorded on some patients in the UK and was referred to as a “terrifying” sleep paralysis. The matter was investigated by the British Health Service which explained that “sleep paralysis is when you cannot move or speak while you wake up or fall asleep”. This symptom, as the Mirror also reported, occurs “when a person cannot move their muscles because they are in sleep mode while the brain is active. It can affect people at any stage of sleep and sometimes even cause hallucinations such as the feeling that someone is pushing you down. “

Nevertheless, the disorder would seem harmless as it lasts a few seconds and without consequences. For this reason, experts are now evaluating whether in addition to being closely linked to Omicron it is also related to the stress caused by the changes caused by the pandemic.

Some studies have already been conducted on the symptoms of Omicron. According to the latest research conducted by King’s College London in collaboration with the company Zoe and published in the British Medical Journal, there are 5 most common symptoms: in addition to a runny nose and a sense of fatigue, there are also headaches, sneezing and sore throat. Loss of smell and taste, on the other hand, are much more common to the other variants and therefore less noticeable with Omicron.

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