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The Xbox app is now showing the results of the “Performance Check” on PC

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The Xbox app is now showing the results of the “Performance Check” on PC

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The “performance check” feature that Xbox began testing last December is now officially live. According to Tila Nguyen, senior product manager at Xbox Experiences, on the Xbox Blog, the app compares the performance of other users with similar specs to yours when playing the game, and recommends the app if your computer doesn’t seem to be running. Refer to the game’s system requirements to see where your hardware is lacking.

Xbox plays well

Xbox plays well

However, not all games currently provide performance checks, especially some newly launched games, which may not have enough players for Microsoft to collect data. For example, I clicked a few games at random, about 80% of the masterpieces have the performance check display, but the computer of the editor has a little history (still using GTX 970), but all the games display ” It should be able to play very well on this computer”, so I have to wonder what kind of game image quality or resolution it is based on. In any case, modern games are often dozens or even hundreds of GB in size. If you can have a simple judgment basis to know in advance that your computer can’t run, you don’t need to spend this time downloading, find that you can’t play, and then refund Come on.

In addition to the performance check, in this latest update the Xbox app has improved interface navigation, and a notification pops up in the lower left corner after the game has finished downloading and installing. Microsoft has also improved the accuracy of game search and now includes games from EA Play and Ubisoft Connect in search results.

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