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“Third dose, immunity ok after 3 months” / Shahar (Israel vaccine manager): “It will last …”

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Arnon Shahar, in charge of Israel’s vaccine plan, spoke live on “Beyond the facts”, a broadcast by TgCom 24 in which he took part in an audiovisual link, talking about the third dose of the anti-Covid serum. “We started vaccinating the over 70, health workers and the most vulnerable groups, who remain more protected and sick – asserted -. We have seen a decline in the disease and we have moved forward for it, because we have highlighted these data that you are now observing in Italy as well. The recall is the necessary thing, which has saved thousands of people “.

Shahar pointed out that in Israel 3 and a half months have now passed since the administration of the booster dose of vaccine preparation ewe are not seeing a reduction in this immunity: let’s hope it continues like this. We still don’t know how long it will last, it is up to us to monitor day after day and week after week “.


In the rest of the interview released in front of the cameras of TgCom 24, Arnon Shahar pointed out that in Israel the obligation has never been inserted for any age group, as “I don’t think obliging is the right answer. Only those belonging to three professional categories should be required to take the vaccine: health workers, law enforcement and teachers / school staff “.

Then, the announcement: Israel will start administering the Coronavirus vaccine to children on Tuesday. This is due to the fact that “Covid is an avoidable disease and, even if it usually passes quietly among children, they can still develop Long Covid and then we have to protect the rest of the population as well. We can prevent problems with the vaccine. We are now ending our fourth wave and 90% of the current positives are either not vaccinated or have not received the booster dose. As doctors, we can only speak through numbers and scientific evidence: when a drug is able to avoid a disease and stop contagiousness, we choose to move forward with science “.

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