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TikTok: One third of all internet users use this social

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TikTok: One third of all internet users use this social

According to the latest available Audiweb data, relating to April 2022, the monthly unique users of the short video social platform amounted to approximately 14.4 million. Equal to just under a third (32.3%) of all those who used the Internet in Italy, and 38% of those who used social media in April.

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, the stars of TikTok worth $ 250,000 per post

by Pier Luca Santoro

According to the report Social Media Trends 2022 “The continued rise of TikTok is indisputable. The platform offers such a low barrier to entry when it comes to producing creative, small-scale video content, while offering the opportunity for enormous organic reach and engagement.” .

The presence on TikTok therefore becomes more and more a must for companies, brands, institutions and organizations. But how to hypothesize one’s own presence on the social short video platform and evaluate the results obtained? To give an answer to the question comes the “TikTok Benchmark Report” which provides (requires registration) most of the reference metrics thanks to the analysis of millions of posts by hundreds of brands from ten different sectors.

Italian celebrities use Twitter less and less

by Pier Luca Santoro

The brands analyzed publish an average of 1.8 videos per week, or about 8 per month. But 25% of the most active brands publish up to five videos a week and, on the other hand, 30% publish less than once a week. The publication frequency seems to be directly related to the size per number of followers of the account. Accounts with more than 1 million followers post 3 or more times a week. Media brands are the ones with the highest publication frequency with more than 4 videos per week. The least active sectors are non-profit and food & beverage, which publish just over once a week (about five videos a month).

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Brands with between 2,000 and 1 million followers have an average engagement rate per view of 7.6%, nearly 46% more than brands with between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. The largest accounts, with over 1 million followers each, are achieving nearly 9% engagement per view.

Sports teams average an 11% engagement rate per view. At the low end, the health and beauty, home decor and fashion brands, all of which are below the average of the 5.8% ratio. On average, a brand present on TikTok gets about 17.6 views per 100 followers for each video it publishes. In general, we find that the higher the number of followers, the fewer views per follower.

the engagement rate from followers for the average brand is 4.1%. Engagement rate which is 6 times higher than the average of Instagram and much more than Facebook and Twitter. About 33% of brands earn a follower engagement rate of over 8%, more than double the average. On the other hand, a third of brands have an engagement rate of less than 2% on average.

On average, brands with larger accounts see lower engagement rates from followers on average, as is the case with other social platforms. Accounts with fewer than 50,000 followers see their average engagement rates above the average brand of 4.1%. The largest accounts, those with more than 1 million followers, see their average engagement per video per follower at just under 2%.

Brands use hashtags to entice viewers and to give TikTok a clue as to what content is about to increase the chances of landing on the #FYP coveted “For You Page”.

Brands include around four hashtags per video on average. Brands tend to have fewer hashtags, with only 34% of brands including 5 or more hashtags in their videos. 15% of brands include one or less hashtags in their videos. In short, the chances of doing a good job according to your goals are concrete and the report provides all the benchmarks to evaluate your performance.

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