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Tim Cook to US legislators: “Federal privacy law approved”

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Tim Cook to US legislators: “Federal privacy law approved”

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a letter to a group of US lawmakers asking them to approve the federal privacy lawthe draft of which was recently presented by a bipartisan group.

“We strongly urge you to pass comprehensive privacy legislation as soon as possible – reads the copy of the letter signed by Tim Cook and owned by the Reuters agency. “We are ready to assist in this process in the coming days,” Cook wrote.

Il privacy theme it’s central to Apple and the man who leads it. Just two months ago, speaking at the IAPP Global Privacy Conference, the man who replaced Steve Jobs twelve years ago said: “Privacy gives us the freedom, the freedom to make mistakes and correct ourselves, to be ourselves without being afraid that every our move is registered. ” And therefore Apple is fighting to “protect its users from surveillance by all those companies that under the excuse of serving them with more precise search results, do not believe they should ask permission before doing so.”

Certainly Tim Cook does not need a letter to approach the powerful. Like other Big Tech leaders, Apple’s CEO frequently meets with members of Congress, politicians and even US presidents. He has been have dinner with Trump when the tycoon was in the White House: Cook met him in person at least 5 times in 2018, as Business Insider noted in August 2019. Cook also attended official meetings with current president Joe Biden.

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