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Udinese-Torino 0-2: goals from Zapata and Vlasic

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Udinese-Torino 0-2: goals from Zapata and Vlasic

Toro returns to racing and rekindles its chase towards Europe: Zapata and Vlasic sign a very heavy victory in Udine (0-2), which came at a particularly delicate and important moment in the championship. For Cioffi’s team, however, it is the middle of the night: the abstinence from the home victory that has lasted since December 30th (success against Bologna) continues. Udinese contested (with irony) and booed by their fans. The Granata closed the score after an hour of play with Vlasic, before Zapata’s lead in the first half the Croatian had also hit a post. Europe is back in Toro’s sights: these three points reposition Juric’s team close to the area that could be worth a pass for a Cup.

zapata lift

There was too much Toro and too little Udinese throughout the first half, to the point that the score of 1-0 with which the two teams went into half-time was even mortifying for the Granata. Aggressive when necessary, beautiful at times, certainly always rational and completely dominant on the scene: this is the script that Juric’s team follows at half-time, obviously deservedly ahead thanks to the tenth league goal from the former Zapata. And Udinese? No shot on target halfway through the match, only one conclusion (in the 25th minute by Kamara: out) and Payero replaced after 31 minutes (with Ehizibue) due to clear technical inferiority, put on the grid by the trio Vojvoda, Ricci, Vlasic on an excellent day. Toro, on the other hand, is a completely different story and after ten minutes they have already built three excellent scoring opportunities: 5′, Giannetti saves on a diagonal from Okereke; 8′, Vlasic served by Vojvoda hits the post; 10′, Zapata scores the one-nil. On this occasion, Vojvoda’s assist was splendid: an absolutely beautiful curling ball from the midfield that caught Duvan’s head straight in the heart of the Friulian area. The Colombian center forward is good at taking the lift and not failing. In the 29th minute, the fourth great chance for the Granata, this time from Okereke but Okoye saves himself in the corner. In short, Toro’s great sin in the first half was not having closed the game.

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Vlasic’s scream

When the second half begins, Toro finds the second goal with the first attack. Minute number 8: Gineitis crowns his splendid match with an effective recovery on Pereyra in the opposing midfield, Zapata finishes for Vlasic who guesses the winning diagonal. Vlasic returns to scoring after two and a half months, Zapata also scores the assist: Toro flies and for Udinese (disputed by their fans) it is the middle of the night. Cioffi recalls Ehizibue (who entered midway through the first half) to the bench to launch Ebosele. Zemura is also inside for Kamara. The Udinese coach spends a Sunday separated at home with his own fans: he is heavily booed by the defender who raises the chant “we’re putting too much pressure” halfway through the second half, garnering applause from the entire stadium. Toro doesn’t stop and comes close to making it three with a header from Zapata following a cross from Bellanova (27′), on which Okoye is sensational. The race has already been closed for a while, and the celebration belongs only to Toro.

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