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Vento presents the new startups to investors

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Vento presents the new startups to investors

Wind ended today – Venture Originator the venture building program lasted four months, during which time 30 aspiring entrepreneurs have faced and passed all the steps necessary for the creation of a startup. Coming from every region of Italy, as well as from Austria, Germany and the United States, they started their journey in February this year, united by the same ambition: to create a scalable business at an international level and to become successful entrepreneurs.

Supported by over 30 mentor e advisor, the teams were able to deal with over 20 entrepreneurs and startup founders and then get involved with the final test, held this morning in OgrTorino: present their project in front of dozens of investors and raise the necessary capital to start their own business. Fundamental to the success of the program was the support of Exor and the partnerships with Talent Garden, OgrTorino and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation. Throughout the process, five teams were able to count on the support of as many Partner Companies: Telepass, Reply, UniCredit, Reale Mutua and Angelini Industries.

The CEO of Exor, John Elkann, commented: “The guys responded with enthusiasm and determination to the challenge we launched, and the projects we saw today, some of which are already very advanced, show great potential. The market response and the ability of the founders will now make the difference. For Exor, Vento confirms how Italy is rich in talent and ready to play a leading role in European and international tech. For this reason, even in the face of the excellent response received by the launch of Exor Seeds in Italy, with approx 1000 business projects examinedwe are ready to strengthen our commitment, making the next edition of Vento an integral part of Exor Seeds. “

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Ohana (Exor Seeds): “We want to be the investors of half of the Italian unicorns of the next 5 years”

by Arcangelo Rociola

The program took place in the spaces of the Startup Village at OgrTech, the hub of innovation and business acceleration of Ogr: after the first week dedicated to the creation of teams, the young entrepreneurs dedicated themselves to problem exploration: starting from the challenges proposed by the Partners, they identified a need on the market looking for possible solutions. Over the course of the following weeks, the concept of the solution, the design of the MVP (minimum viable product) and the first validation tests were tackled. The process ended with a period dedicated to the preparation of the product launch on the market, aiming at the acquisition of the first users and customers.

Exor loans to startups: the moment of Italian tech

by Riccardo Luna

The proposed challenges led to the creation of 8 startups

LIQI: Liqi is a B2B payment solution which helps manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors ad increase sales and improve cash flowallowing sellers to extend payment terms for their customers without risk and for buyers to pay when they want;

EOLIANN: Eoliann offers financial institutions an API for the assessment and forecasting of climate risk, using satellite data and machine learning;

FIDO RENT: Fido Rent uses technology for making the rental experience reliable for both landlords and tenantsby offering landlords up to 24 months of prepaid rent, eliminating any risk associated with the tenant;

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360TRACK: 360Track is one all-in-one platform for wealth managementhelping retail investors (and their advisors) track their assets spread in one place, providing them with an immediate overview to improve overall performance and tax efficiency;

PAPERBOX: Paperbox is revolutionizing the concept of assessment and threat of learning disabilities, providing preventive screening accessible and innovative therapeutic approach;

GIVE IT TO: DedaloAI is a climate tech company that aims to measure and reduce the CO2 impact produced by the software activity. Their product is a tool that measures the impact of websites and helps companies report their emissions and improve their ESG score;

POWER: Pauer is one B2B2C payment platform that allows service providers to leverage working capital not exploited by advancing bills, leveraging a personalized payment experience for consumers;

TATAMI: Tatami is the first gaming academy, which allows everyone to improve their gaming performancebeing able to count on the champions of the main games at a price from 5 to 10 times lower than the competition;

To date, several startups have received official interest from some investors and all teams have already received the grant made available by the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation for a total of 250,000 euros.

After the first edition of Vento, the process for organizing the next one has already begun, with a significant novelty: in 2023 Vento will become an integral part of Exor Seeds, the Exor early stage investment fund that supports extraordinary founders with ambition to build successful businesses. The collection of nominations will open on 5 September 2022 on https://joinvento.com/.

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Gone with the Wind: four months to create successful companies

by Bruno Ruffilli

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