Home News A doctor in Wuhan was slashed and the insider: the right hand is terrible | Wuhan Children’s Hospital | The chief physician was slashed | The right hand was injured

A doctor in Wuhan was slashed and the insider: the right hand is terrible | Wuhan Children’s Hospital | The chief physician was slashed | The right hand was injured

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Beijing time:2022-01-15 10:39

[NTD, Beijing time, January 15, 2022]A vicious incident occurred in Wuhan Children’s Hospital a few days ago. A chief physician was slashed by a patient’s family with a knife. The video posted on the Internet shows the victim doctor lying on the ground with blood flowing from his right arm and head and neck. People familiar with the matter said that the injured doctor’s right hand was seriously injured and was cut horribly.

According to a report from the Jiang’an District Police in Wuhan on January 14, at about 13:50 on the 13th, an injury case occurred in the outpatient building of Wuhan Children’s Hospital. age) cut.

Zhang was detained by the police on the spot, and the victim’s doctor was not life-threatening after treatment. The case is currently in progress.

On the day of the incident, a video posted on the Internet showed a doctor lying on the ground with blood on his hands and chest. Several doctors were treating him. Lilac Garden Station Friend @ Xuanhu 6378 disclosed: The victim Dr. Peng’s right hand was horribly chopped off. Fortunately, the head injury was not serious and should not be life-threatening.

According to the mainland’s “Cover News” report, witness Ms. Li said that at that time she and her family were taking their children from the fourth floor to see the doctor, when suddenly there was a commotion in the crowd, and some people were screaming “catch him quickly” and “don’t do this.”

“I saw a man with a bag on his back and a kitchen knife in his hand. Dr. Peng was covered in blood on his neck and chest. Three dads rushed up to hold the man down.” Ms. Li said, the police and security guards Soon came, “When Dr. Peng was pulled away, I saw that his feet were all white.”

A doctor in the hospital said that Dr. Peng, who was slashed, was sent to Union Hospital for rescue, and his injury may affect future admissions and operations.

According to online sources, a child had indigestion, and no problems were found in the gastroscope examination in the hospital. Director Peng prescribed a CT scan to the child and found a tumor in the abdomen and pelvis. The patient’s parents believed that the tumor was caused by the CT scan, which triggered the bloody incident. . But the news has not been officially confirmed.

According to another report in the “medical community”, a doctor at Wuhan Children’s Hospital said, “Director Peng was stabbed while out of the clinic on Thursday afternoon. The most serious injury was on the right hand. I heard that the tendon of the right hand was cut. The scalp trauma is not serious. , is now out of danger.”

According to the report, the hospital’s appointment registration platform showed that Director Peng’s outpatient clinics next week have been “suspended”.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: De Ming)

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