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Aeolian, outbreak in Stromboli: closed premises, tourists in quarantine

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Covid outbreak in Stromboli. A place has been closed, staff infected, guests in quarantine. Fear for thousands of tourists on vacation or left from the Aeolian Islands. Seven Milanese tourists, who rented a house in Piscità, in Stromboli, tested positive for Covid on Friday morning. Usca intervened promptly and is tracking contacts.

Many were summoned to carry out swabs and last night a restaurant – one of the most popular restaurants on the island, the Observatory – closed as a precaution: “A tourist felt ill and tested positive for Covid – he said. the mayor of Lipari Marco Giorgianni – and after the ritual swabs that were immediately made, his group mates also tested positive. The Usca intervention was immediate and the tourists were immediately quarantined. These people had been in a club, and the owner was immediately cooperative and closed as a precaution. In these hours, all the contacts of these seven tourists are being swabbed and the results are awaited. At the moment three people who are part of the staff of this place tested positive, as well as another person who works on the island “.

In addition to the seven tourists, therefore, four other positives. And by today the results of the other tampons are expected. There is great concern on the island, especially among the residents, who fear the closure of other activities in the next few hours, and more generally fear the early end of a tourist season that appeared to be in full recovery. Now the fear is for all the thousands of tourists who left between yesterday and today to return to their cities of residence throughout Italy. The Municipality of Lipari has launched an “alert”. On Stromboli, checks are underway on 28 people.

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Meanwhile, three positives were recorded in Salina, where at the moment the situation appears under control: the infected subjects, who are less than ten, are in quarantine and contact-tracing has already been carried out. No positive in Lipari, as well as in Alicudi and Filicudi.


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