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After 18 months of losses, coffee growers go on strike in March

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After 18 months of losses, coffee growers go on strike in March

This was confirmed by coffee growers from the Colombian Coffee Growers Union, who hope to mobilize during the second week of March in the country’s capital. Although this mobilization had already been predicted at the end of last year, its reasons remain related to the decrease in coffee prices, the increase in production costs, the adverse effects of climate change and a perceived lack of government support.

Leaders of the coffee bases of Antioquía, Nariño, Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío, Tolima, will promote the Third Coffee Ballot in the next elections, to promote the points of the restructuring of the Federation of Coffee Growers: “Neither the Government nor the Federation have The issue of prices has not been addressed, nor the proposals that have been made for the Stabilization Fund with the representatives of the Chamber of the Coffee Axis, those proposals that are also prepared have not been attended to,” said Duberney Galvis, coffee grower.

Additionally, Galvis expressed: “We have been asking the Federation for nearly 10 years to restructure itself, to reduce the bureaucratic structure, to change many of the current operations. Since they didn’t listen to us, then we are going to lay the coffee foundations, to make the content of that proposal and to promote that ballot so that in the next elections people not only go out to vote for a person, but also deposit a ballot in the ballot box with the points of the reforms that we are going to promote within the Federation.”

Coffee growers also ask for speed in controlling the heat, so that crops do not continue to be affected by the ‘El Niño’ phenomenon.

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