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After the fall of Avdiivka: Russia sets its sights on southern Ukraine

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Now that Russia has captured the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, President Putin is setting his sights on the south of the country. Last weekend, Russian attacks took place in the Zaporizhia region. For now, the Ukrainians are holding out.

Since the fall of Avdiivka, Russia has been transferring troops to other regions. According to the American magazine Newsweek, the Ukrainian army is said to have already resisted a wave of ten Russian attacks in Zaporizhia on Sunday. A day earlier, 18 Russian armored vehicles and 3 tanks were destroyed during an offensive.

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But the Russians persisted. On Monday morning, Russian troops attacked the village of Robotyne. “Their attacks have stopped this time too,” Ukrainian commander Oleksandr Tarnavsky said via the Telegram app. “But the situation here is constantly changing.”

The fall of Avdiivka, after heavy fighting, was the greatest victory for Russia in a long time. Experts then expected that Putin would continue to apply pressure, and that turned out to be true.

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