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Agreement signed with Inpec for $2 billion to mitigate prison overcrowding

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Agreement signed with Inpec for $2 billion to mitigate prison overcrowding

The inter-administrative agreement is one of the highest signed in Colombia.

The Alcaldesa Virna Johnson signed with him National Penitentiary and Prison Institute, Inpecand agreement for 2 billion pesos to unite human efforts, administrative and legal that allow to mitigate the impact of the overcrowding that exists in the Police stations, in the Citizen Protection Centers, CPCand in the Transfer Centers by Protection, CTP.

He District made the inter-administrative agreement with the highest item in the country, a situation that will allow Inpec better assume custody of persons deprived of liberty and help decongest the sites Where were these individuals located?

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“We have placed 2 billion pesos to transfer people deprived of liberty directly to the Rodrigo de Bastidas prison and the main objective is to vacate the Police stations, so that the uniformed officers can dedicate themselves to monitoring the security of the city,” he said. the representative

About this agreement, Colonel Daniel Fernando Gutierrez, national director of Inpec, highlighted the management carried out by the District Administration to finalize this agreement that will also allow the improvement of computer equipment, printers, office chairs and equipment maintenance.

“It is the highest figure signed with a territorial entity in the country, for which we highlight the good will of the mayor to reduce overcrowding in police stations and improve the conditions of the unions, this agreement sets a precedent for the new coming leaders,” Colonel Gutiérrez said.

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