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American Citizenship: this is the new cost of the application as of April 2024 – RPP News

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The cost of applying for American citizenship is set to increase starting in April 2024. The new prices were announced recently, and they will impact millions of people looking to obtain citizenship in the United States.

According to CNN en Español, the total cost of obtaining a ‘Green Card’ and eventually applying for citizenship can be quite significant. With the new fees scheduled to take effect on April 1, it is important for those seeking citizenship to plan ahead for the increased expenses.

Voice of America reports that the new fees will also apply to asylum processes in the United States. This means that individuals seeking asylum will also need to budget for the higher costs associated with their applications.

Overall, the new fees for American citizenship will affect an estimated 9 million people, as reported by RPP News. This increase in price highlights the importance of understanding and budgeting for all the costs associated with the citizenship application process.

As the new fees go into effect in April, individuals interested in obtaining American citizenship should stay informed about the changes and prepare accordingly. It is crucial to be aware of the financial requirements of the application process to ensure a smooth and successful transition to becoming a citizen of the United States.

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