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Anti-U.S. in the morning and pro-U.S. Jin Canrong’s remarks in the evening cited public criticism | Public opinion boomed

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[Epoch Times, July 28, 2021]Professor Jin Canrong of Renmin University of China recently posted on Weibo suggesting that the United States had used “weather weapons” to trigger the floods in Zhengzhou, which caused an uproar in public opinion. On the same day, he posted another post, showing off having lunch with officials of the US embassy, ​​which caused public anger. Netizens criticized him for being contradictory and schizophrenic.

The 7.20 flood in Henan caused the subway to be flooded, and the Beijing-Guangzhou tunnel was filled with flooding. A large number of passengers and citizens were submerged by the rolling flood. At the time when many people had suffered from the Henan flood, on July 23, Jin Canrong posted an article on Weibo under the theme of “Frequent extreme weather events need to be vigilant against attacks by hostile national meteorological weapons”, alluding to the use of weather weapons by the United States to cause floods in Zhengzhou. In addition to natural disasters and man-made disasters, we also need to be alert to another possibility, that is, attacks on hostile national weather weapons.”

However, Jin Canrong’s above-mentioned article was ridiculed and criticized by many netizens, and even the little pink of the Chinese Communist Party did not pay the bill. It is too amateurish to think that his fallacy is not at the level that senior intellectuals should possess.

Some netizens even noticed that Jin Canrong and other Weibo posts were distributed at 7:35 on July 23.

At 8:26 on the same day, Jin Canrong posted another Weibo: He was invited to have dinner with Mr. Su Weiguang, the new political officer of the US Embassy, ​​and exchanged views on Sino-US relations and the Taiwan issue… Jin Canrong also posted him in particular. Group photo with Su Weiguang.

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Jin Canrong is known as an “anti-American fighter” and his stance on the United States is well known. However, he can make two changes in a day, contradicting himself, and arousing criticism from netizens.

“A day in Jin Canrong! No mercy to criticize the American emperor during the day, and never to be short-mouthed when you eat the American emperor at night. The sun rises and the sun rests.”

“It’s work during the day, official duties, and life at night, personal relationships!”

“Did you discuss the U.S. climate weapons? Did the U.S. do it?”

“It turns out that Jin Canrong is also proud of being able to meet and talk with Americans. This shocked us!”

“Anti-American is packaging, pro-American is true.”


Jin Canrong is also known as the “National Teacher of the Chinese Communist Party” and is known as one of Xi’s diplomatic think tanks. Many people compare him with Fudan University professor Zhang Weiwei and “Global Times” editor-in-chief Hu Xijin.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, Wan Runnan, the founder of Stone Company in exile in France, criticized Jin Canrong for pursuing profit and concocting lies to deceive others.

Wan Runnan said that the “five poisons” like Jin Canrong deceived the superiors and the lower, the root cause is that the upper beam is not correct and the lower beam is crooked.

Wan Runnan pointed out that Jin Canrong, who is known to be in the limelight, regards “patriotism” as a business and industrializes this business. Leading to the degeneration of social morality, anti-intellectual speech prevails.

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