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Attorney General’s Office requests detailed information on water supply in La Guajira

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Attorney General’s Office requests detailed information on water supply in La Guajira

The control entity requested a detailed report from the National Disaster Risk Unit (UNGRD) on the actions implemented to guarantee the accessibility and quality of drinking water.

The Attorney General’s Office has intensified its monitoring of Sentence T-302 of 2017 and preventive measures against the El Niño 2024 Phenomenon, particularly in relation to access to drinking water for Wayuú population in Riohacha, Maicao, Manaure and Uribia, municipalities of La Guajira.

The application includes the study and the technical concepts that support the acquisition of tank trucks as a short-term solutionas well as the participation of competent entities in the development of programs to improve access to drinking water.

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Likewise, the Attorney General’s Office required information on the distribution and frequency of water deliveries by tank trucks, as well as the water collection points identified to supply them. In addition, the compliance of the health inspections of the tank trucks and public batteries by the Departmental Secretariat of Health of La Guajira was investigated, in order to guarantee the quality of the water supplied.

A notable aspect was the mention by the deputy director for Disaster Management of the UNGRD, that the same entity carries out samples the water from the tank trucks and processes them in its laboratorieswhich the Attorney General’s Office considers relevant to evaluate the quality of the supply.

Regarding coordination with other entities and the Housing, City and Territory sector, the Attorney General’s Office requested information on the number of Unified Command Posts (PMU) created, the dialogue and monitoring tables convened by the UNGRDand the participation of the traditional authorities of the Wayuú people in said spaces.

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