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Brief history of a Colombian tiger named Falcao

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Brief history of a Colombian tiger named Falcao

He has said that his mother taught him the way of God. “From a very young age I had the blessing of knowing the Lord Jesus,” said Falcao. And it is something that he defends rigorously, he understands that his profession expires soon, faith never.

One of the facets that most attracts the attention of Falcao García is a simplicity that becomes an antidote to ego, totally opposite to his greatness as a footballer. This makes him more empathetic and kind, producing the trust of an old friend.

I believe that Falcao did not choose humility, but that humility chose him. And it is something that very rarely happens in football, since the vast majority of its protagonists are trapped in the bubble of idolatry.

Samarius has the character of a good person and God rewarded him for that on the fields, in his recently turned 38 years old, he will soon enter the tournament to leave football and make history.

Radamel’s dreams are more than fulfilled. He became the hope of many children who wish to follow in his footsteps, a builder of dreams. His greatest virtue is scoring goals of hope and faith.

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