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Cauca and its capital are in Anato’s Tourist Showcase – news

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Cauca and its capital are in Anato’s Tourist Showcase – news

There are 13 municipalities in the department that are showing their various companies, ventures, their wealth of flora, fauna, folklore, and gastronomy.

At stand 920, pavilion 11 of Corferias in Bogotá, there is Cauca with 35 exhibitors in the Anato 2024 Tourism showcase, represented by 13 municipalities, five more than those that participated in the 2023 version, showing the country and the world its diversity through ventures, its exuberant natural wealth in flora and fauna, folklore variety with its cantaoras, its adventure tourism, birdlife, but also religious, such as the Holy Week of Popayán, which is the oldest popular expression in Colombia, dating back to 1556.

In short, it is a department that, despite its vicissitudes, its people want to show its other face, that of work, that of resilience, that of drive, which is why its presence in Anato has increased.

The municipalities of Popayán, Balboa, Suárez, Inzá, Guapi, Santa Rosa, Piamonte, Santander de Quilichao, Balboa, El Bordo-Patía, Silvia, Puerto Tejada and Inzá traveled to Bogotá with their tourist offer.

At the inauguration that took place on February 27 in Corferias, in addition to the attendance of officials from the department, the municipalities and the participating exhibitors, the mayor of Popayán, Juan Carlos Muñoz Bravo and the executive president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Cauca, Ana Fernanda Muñoz Otoya.

For his part, Muñoz Bravo invited Colombians and foreigners to visit Popayán, the capital of which he highlighted its architectural and natural beauty, its historical legacy, its cultural expressions, its gastronomy and, of course, its people.

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“We want to tell tourists that Popayán has a lot to show and offer, its Holy Week and its religiosity, but also new experiences such as birdwatching and community tourism,” he indicated.

On the other hand, Carmen Dorado Ortega, Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness, stated that the purpose of the department is to work for the promotion and good practices for the competitive development of tourism, generating strategies that promote this area locally, with activities specific to the territories.

According to the executive president of the Cauca Chamber of Commerce, Ana Fernanda Muñoz Otoya, all of Cauca is represented in the most important tourism fair in Colombia, even in Latin America. She added that Anato is the opportunity to show the multiculturalism of the department, which is strengthened with increasingly binding and inclusive tourism.

For the Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Popayán, Heidee Mariela Becerra, the space in Anato is key to consolidating the tourist offer through contacts that will result in business and commercial relationships between businessmen and various actors that bring together the tourism sector in Popayán.

The teamwork of the Government, the Mayor’s Office of Popayán and their respective secretariats, and the Chamber of Commerce of Cauca, made it possible to bring an important offer, in various fields, to the Anato Tourist Showcase, which for 43 years has brought together not only to the different regions of Colombia, but to several countries.

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