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Changes in soccer rules! These are the FIFA announcements

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Changes in soccer rules!  These are the FIFA announcements

La IFAB (International Football Association Board) approved the introduction of an additional permanent substitution for concussion, the implementation of which will depend on each competition according to a protocol; as the main novelty after the celebration of the 138th Annual General Assembly of the organization held in Loch Lomon (Scotland).

In the midst of the controversy raised by the possible introduction of a blue card, that means the temporary expulsion of a player, the IFAB decided not to enter into controversy with FIFA (one of the members of this world football regulatory body), especially when president Gianni Infantino was blunt.”Red card to blue card “he said before the meeting. No sooner said than done

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Thus, along with this substitution for medical reasons, the International Board decided that lInvoluntary hands that result in penalties are not treated like other fouls, It doesn’t have to mean a red card; that the invasion of the area by field players in a maximum penalty will only be penalized if it has an impact on the play and that part of the ball in these shots must touch or exceed the center of the point from which it is taken, among other matters.

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