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Colombia, the most sought after ‘narco’ in the country

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Dario Antonio Usuga known as Otoniel will have to undergo 120 trials

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 24 – The most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia, Dario Antonio Usuga, known as ‘Otoniel’, has been captured. This was announced by the Colombian government. Head of the Gulf clan, the most powerful and feared cocaine drug trafficking group in the world, will face numerous trials for various crimes.

Over Usuga’s head hung a bounty of up to five million dollars placed by the United States government. Wanted for at least six years, the 49-year-old boss has to answer in 120 trials for the most diverse crimes, including multiple murders and the export to Central America, the United States and Europe of many tons of cocaine from from the Uraba region of the Antioquia department. (HANDLE).

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