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Conte: «Direct channel with Salvini». The leader of the League: compact center-right on Berlusconi

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Conte: direct channel with the center-right exponents

“But – added the former head of the government – I inform you that I have also established a direct channel with the center-right exponents. This confrontation with the center-right exponents (and in particular with Salvini) is useful for three reasons: the president must be of high profile and guarantor of all and the malfunctioning of our system in terms of the democratic alternative is not facilitated if we proceed to elect presidents by narrow majorities; for the situation we are experiencing, with a government of national unity which requires the effort, given that we are still in full emergency, to proceed with the election of the Head of State with a broad agreement open at least to the forces that support the current government; for practical reasons, because no progressive or right-wing alignment has, from the start, self-sufficient numbers in this parliament ”, observed the former premier.

The former premier: guaranteeing government continuity

“I do not think it appropriate to go down in the evaluation of individual names or chase this or this candidacy” for the Quirinale, continued Conte, “but this may be the time to fix some fixed points” and in the moment of the pandemic and economic emergency ” I believe that the Italians expect the government not to lose a single day of work in solving all these problems ». “The 5 Star Movement, having the interest of the Italians at heart, must strive to ensure the continuity of the executive’s action”, underlined the former prime minister.

“New joint M5s when solution is near”

As for the strategy that M5s will implement in the match for the election of the Head of State, Conte clarified that “in these days I am listening to all the leaders, carrying out our values ​​and principles in this delicate institutional step, probably without precedents for the situation in which the country finds itself “and” we have an enlarged control room “to refer to, but” when we have a more concrete prospect of a solution on the table, I will ask for a joint to inform you all directly “.

Renzi, Berlusconi believes in it, Salvini and Meloni less

The leader of Iv Matteo Renzi spoke on the Quirinal issue. «First hypothesis for the Colle: The center-right finds a personality, the second goes to Draghi, the third hypothesis goes straight to Berlusconi and at that point the hypothesis of a ballot on Berlusconi is created. I think Berlusconi believes a lot, Salvini and Meloni a little less, but they don’t know how to tell him. When Berlusconi formalizes what he wants to do, I will say what I think, of him and in public, ”the former prime minister said in Porta a Porta, on Rai Uno.

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