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Double Festival Celebrations: Wuhan Children’s Library and Community Partners Create a Happy Home

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Wuhan Children’s Library Celebrates National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Creating a Joyful Community

By Correspondent Wu Shaotu

On September 28, the Wuhan Children’s Library, along with the New Era Civilization Practice Station of Yingnan Community, Hanshuiqiao Street, Qiaokou District, the Party and Mass Service Center of Hanshuiqiao Street, and other partnered units, organized a double festival celebration titled “Celebrate the National Day together, the full moon reflects the Mid-Autumn Festival, and jointly create a happy home.” The event featured 10 cultural performances and 7 interactive projects, much to the delight of over 200 participating residents. The celebration received widespread praise from the community.

The festivities commenced with melodious singing and a dance performance titled “I Love You, China,” which showcased the artistry and conveyed profound patriotic emotions. The male chorus then captivated the audience with their powerful rendition of “My Chinese Heart,” elevating the atmosphere to a climax. The Wuhan Acrobatic Hall’s magic show left the audience spellbound, as the magician engaged them with his humorous tricks and enchanting props. The acrobatics show featured an actress from the Municipal Acrobatics Hall, who performed gravity-defying stunts and left the crowd in awe. The audience’s enthusiasm was palpable, with waves of applause, cheers, and exclamations filling the auditorium. The bright moon in the sky seemed to pause, appreciating the happiness and peace that prevailed in China during these mesmerizing performances.

Simultaneously, the Wuhan Children’s Library organized a grand entertainment party onsite, offering a myriad of activities such as book creation, Mid-Autumn rubbing painting, recitation stages, table hockey, blessing thousands of families, moon cake making, and paper cup lantern crafting. The moon cake making activity proved to be the most popular, where children gathered to create the traditional delicacy symbolizing reunion. Many participants even prepared a mooncake for their parents, their faces adorned with happy smiles. Meanwhile, during the Mid-Autumn Festival rubbing painting session, children carefully imprinted adorable rabbits onto paper, creating a beautiful portrayal of togetherness. The recitation of Mid-Autumn poems, such as “The moon is the brightness of my hometown,” reflected the Chinese nation’s yearning for a better life. The table hockey game provided thrilling entertainment, and activities like guessing lantern riddles and making blessing bookmarks added a unique touch. Amidst laughter and joy, participants immersed themselves in the vibrant festive atmosphere. Migrant workers present at the event expressed their joy in being part of a community that fostered friendship and reminded them of the comforting aroma of home.

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This celebratory garden party was jointly organized by residents, community volunteers, and partnered units, including the Wuhan Children’s Library, through the principles of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing. The event not only facilitated greater interaction among residents but also strengthened neighborhood ties, enhanced community cohesion, and fostered a sense of belonging. By creating a beautiful community environment, the event contributed to the collective pursuit of a happy life.

Editor: Li Zhiheng

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