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Earthquake in Genoa: shock of magnitude 4.1

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Earthquake in Genoa: shock of magnitude 4.1

Strong earthquake in Genoa at 3.39pm. The earthquake was felt throughout the city center.

Many people have left their homes and offices: the Fire Brigade is receiving many reports but no injuries or serious damage are reported.

Heavy inconvenience for the railway network that has been closed on the three routes that go from Genoa to Rome, Milan and Turin to allow checks on the tracks scheduled until 8pm.

Travelers waiting in Principe, photo Bussalino


For the Institute “At the moment I am not injured or damaged, I am traveling around the country to check for myself”. This was stated by Sergio Casalini mayor of Bargagli, a municipality located above the epicenter of the earthquake.
“I was at home and I felt a very strong shock, everything started to swing and the knick-knacks fell – he added – luckily no damage but just a lot of fright. I’m shocked”.
The mayor immediately contacted the head of civil protection of the Liguria Region Giacomo Giampedrone before continuing the inspection in the town. “My fellow citizens are already returning to their homes.” National Geosification and Volcanology team the epicenter was in Bargagli at 15.39 with a magnitude of 4.1.

The employees of the Piccapietra offices poured out

The employees of the Piccapietra offices poured out

The President of the Region

“In the first minutes after the earthquake – said president Toti – 146 calls were received from the 112 operations center at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa. Immediately after the earthquake we got in touch with the mayor of Bargagli who he reassured us and informed us that he had not detected any damage ”.
“From an initial monitoring – continues the president – the earthquake damaged the church of Pieve Alta, and a statue collapsed in the churchyard. But the important thing is that at the moment there don’t seem to be any injuries ”.

And there are about fifteen interventions by the firefighters in Genoa due to plaster detachment or small cracks on the walls after the 4.1 degree earthquake, with the epicenter in Bargagli. The firefighters intervened in particular in corso Italia and corso Europa and in the Levante. No structural problems or dangers emerged from the inspections by the fire brigade.


A statue of the facade and the rubble would have detached from the church of Pieve Ligure, 7 km from the epicenter. The church is San Michele Arcangelo, one of the first churches (parishes) built in Liguria, whose original building was erected before the year one thousand. The church was then rebuilt between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Earthquake in Liguria, the testimony of a resident: “Bad feeling, never felt”


Stationary trains

The railways suspended traffic on the Genoa-La Spezia line as a precaution after the earthquake felt in Genoa and in the east. Convoys do not circulate between Genova Brignole and Santa Margherita Ligure after the computer systems have sent alerts to the operations center. A reconnaissance is underway along the RFI technicians line to verify that the systems are in place Circulation also suspended in the Genoa-Ronco Scrivia section on the Genoa-Milan / Turin lines. in Liguria due to the checks in progress. And in the stations, where thousands of passengers are waiting to leave.
The trains were all stopped at the stations. It was not possible at the moment to prepare shuttle services. Trenitalia also confirmed that the checks have been underway for hours but time is needed to allow the technical teams to visually check the route of the four lines. Controls in fact proceed on foot and with trolleys.


Three more aftershocks were felt after the 3:39 pm earthquake.
Two tremors with epicenter always in Bargagli, recorded at 16.07 and 17.03, with magnitudes of 1.9 and 1.8 respectively, one with epicenter in Davagna at 16.29, with magnitude 1.8. At 17.32 another aftershock in Davagna 2.7.

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