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From 6 December the Super Green pass comes into force: eight things to know explained well

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UDINE. A maxi format Green Pass as regards the restrictions that will deny any Christmas entertainment to the unvaccinated, but mini in terms of duration, only from 6 to 15 January. Enough to save the highlight of the winter tourist season. But what changes in practice and what is the difference with the “basic” green pass? Here are eight new things to know

Stronger certificate reserved only for vaccinated and cured

From 6 December until 15 January the Green pass is doubled: there will be the “strengthened” one, issued only to vaccinated and cured people, and the “basic” one, which can also be obtained with a rapid or molecular swab. With the first you can continue to do everything in the white area, but also in yellow and orange: go to the bar or restaurant, to the cinema, to the theater, to the stadium or to a concert. With the “basic” one you continue to go to work, to the pool and gym and little else. The duration of both is reduced from 12 to 9 months, starting with the second dose and then the third. In other words, if the “booster” is not done within 9 months, the Green Pass will expire. And even after the third dose the duration is limited to 9 months.

With only the buffer, no restaurants, cinemas, stadiums and theaters

Without the vaccine, but even if the third dose has not been taken between 5 and 9 months from the second, a real lockdown of entertainment is triggered already from the white strip, where with the “basic” Green Pass it will not be possible to sit indoors in the restaurant , at a bar or a pub, in a wine shop. But the unvaccinated will not even be able to go to the cinema, to the theater, to listen to a concert, to visit a museum, rather than to go wild in a disco or ballroom dancing. All activities that remain open even in the orange band to holders of the “strengthened” Green Pass, that is to vaccinated and cured, without the capacity limits that would have already been triggered in the yellow zone ..

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Gyms and swimming pools remain accessible with a negative test

Vaccinated and cured, in the white, yellow and orange band, they will continue to be able to do everything, including going to the cinema, stadium or restaurant and skiing, even in the orange band, respecting only the obligations of mask and distance. In the yellow zone, the limit of 50% of capacities no longer applies, so cinemas, theaters and concert halls will be able to continue to fill up until sold out, sports halls at 50% and stadiums at 75%. The unvaccinated can only continue to go to the gym or swimming pool, always showing the certificate. Which must also be shown if you go to play soccer or tennis outdoors and then want to use the changing rooms to take a shower.

Basic certification also becomes necessary on buses and metro

The novelty destined to make commuters discuss and panic is the obligation of a basic Green Pass, therefore issued even with tampons only, extended to regional trains, medium-distance buses and local public transport, then buses, trams and metro . All means where until today you went up without showing anything. Obviously, there remains the question of how to control means of transport where the up and down of passengers is continuous. For regional rail transport, in fact, “the checks can be carried out on a sample basis”. On long-distance trains, airplanes and ships you continue to embark with the Green Pass also issued by means of a buffer.

You can enter the hotel only with basic certification
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The squeeze on the unvaccinated with the reinforced Green Pass was decided precisely to save the Christmas highlight of the tourist season. Especially in the ski resorts of Northern Italy at greater risk of imminent closures. But to avoid the expansion of infections, both in the white band and in the yellow and orange one, the hotel can only be accessed by showing the basic Green Pass, the one issued even with the swab. Until now required only for those who had to go to the Spa or the hotel restaurant, which will remain usable under the same conditions, but which in the yellow and orange band will be accessible only to hotel guests. In the red zone everything closes.

Vaccination obligation for teachers and law enforcement agencies

From 15 December, the vaccination obligation also applies to administrative health personnel and that of schools of all types and levels, including in this case the administrative staff. The obligation is also extended to police, carabinieri, financial police, firefighters and soldiers of the army, navy and air force. In all, another two million workers after the two in health care and RSA already subject to the obligation, now also extended to the third dose. Those who do not comply with the required vaccinations keep their jobs but remain at home without a salary. Controls within the school are the responsibility of the school managers.

How the color system changes

In the white zone for the vaccinated and the recovered nothing changes, while only with the swab you go to work, you get on the means of transport, you go to the gym and to the swimming pool and to go shopping. The rest is foreclosed. In the yellow zone for everyone, even vaccinated and cured, a mask must also be worn outdoors. There are no longer the limits of capacity while for the unvaccinated there are the same limits of the white zone. Nothing changes in orange for vaccinated and cured, while for the unvaccinated there is also a ban on moving from their municipality except for urgent reasons. The school, however, remains in the presence. In red the lockdown is triggered for everyone.

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Fines and more severe penalties

Draghi reiterated it clearly at the press conference, the super Green Pass now needs to be enforced with stricter controls. For this reason, the decree entrusts the prefects with the task of adopting a “plan for the constant carrying out of checks, even on a sample basis, using the police forces and municipal police personnel”. The prefects themselves will send the Minister of the Interior a weekly report on the verification activity. For those who fail, the current penalties remain: fine from 600 to one thousand euros and closure from one to ten days for merchants caught in the act three times in three different days.

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