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Government Delegation at the Dialogue Table

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Government Delegation at the Dialogue Table

In a statement issued by the Government Delegation in the Peace Dialogues with the ELN, the responsibility of this guerrilla in generating unnecessary crises in the peace process was emphasized.

The Delegation affirmed that it had fully complied with all its commitmentsreiterating the commitment of the National Government to the construction of peace in the Colombian territories.

According to the Delegation, the unilateral decisions taken by the ELN are the exclusive responsibility of the guerrilla and lead to prolonging the confrontation. armed forces and the violence suffered by communities. Furthermore, these actions weaken the confidence of Colombian society in the will for peace of this insurgent organization.

The statement comes in response to a previous statement by the ELNin which it warned of a possible freezing of the peace process due to alleged actions that violate what was agreed at the Dialogue Table. The Government Delegation reiterated its willingness to find solutions to the difficulties faced by the Dialogue Table and noted that it has complied with all the commitments made since the beginning of the talks process.

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Regarding the ELN’s accusations about a regional dialogue in Nariño, the Government Delegation affirmed that the National Government respects and encourages initiatives led by local leaders to protect the population and carry out social transformations. However, he pointed out that the conduct of the ELN structures in relation to these initiatives does not depend on the National Governmentbut from the cries of the communities affected by violence in the territory.

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Finally, the Government Delegation reaffirmed its full willingness to advance in the development of the commitments acquired in the Sixth Cycle of Dialogues in Havana, Cuba. The ELN was urged to assess the progress in the process, the commitments fulfilled by the Government and its own efforts in search of peace, with the aim of deepening a negotiated solution that responds to the cry for peace of the population in the affected territories. for the conflict.

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