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Government of Cesar opened a call for works with 250 Community Action Boards

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Government of Cesar opened a call for works with 250 Community Action Boards

Communities continue to be protagonists of their own development. The Government of Cesar opened this Friday, April 19, a new call for the Program to Strengthen Community Action Boards, to execute social benefit projects with 250 of these organizations, with an investment of $60 million each, giving continuity to the strategy implemented in the previous government, which became a model at the national level.

With the assistance of delegations from the 25 municipalities of Cesar, Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuán Dávila led the event that took place in the auditorium of the Rafael Carrillo Lúquez library, in Valledupar, where she launched this call for the Community Action Boards present and execute works of impact for the population in their villages, townships and different neighborhoods in this department, announcing that in this four-year period the goal is to execute 1,000 projects together with the communities, which in each term will have a greater investment, at about to complete this figure in 2027 with investments of $100 million for each work.

“On this occasion we opened space for 250 Community Action Boards to benefit the 25 municipalities of Cesar. They are public resources used to improve and renew spaces in their urban planning, so here we are celebrating this successful experience with the communal departments,” said the president.

He also pointed out that “we have a scenario that we want to highlight in the face of this program that became a model and pioneer in the country, because that is what is heard today within the different ministries that at a good time also decided to go out and make investments with the communal areas of Cesar, where around 50 projects are activated in a strategy called ‘Solidarity Paths for Peace’; We are a government that has defined its investments, great allies in the execution, and you enter that universe as protagonists of this new story of public investment.”

Luz Maira Rojas, member of Asojuntas from the municipality of La Gloria, said that “this call is very important because we recognize that both our governor and the National government have many projects for the Community Action Boards, and it is for the improvement of our territories; “We are underway trying to make things happen for us, we have high expectations and desire to carry out the works because we are the first in the area, those who know the needs of the population.”

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For his part, Basilio Mojica, president of the Community Action Board of the Repelón village, in the municipality of El Paso, stated that “we feel represented, this is an inclusive government, this call fills us with enthusiasm because we want to get ahead, “We want to progress, and what better way than with the Government of Cesar.”

Omar Escobar, delegate of the Community Action Board of the Brisas del Cesar neighborhood, of Bosconia, stated that “this call is the best we have seen in the department, because there are some projects that are going to be presented in each municipality, which As Community Action Boards we are going to execute for the benefit of the population; Thank you Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuán, because these projects are going to be a reality throughout the department.”

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