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## Chinese Preparations for the Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is approaching, and all places are paying close attention to “vegetable baskets,” “rice bags,” and “fruit plates” to ensure guaranteed supply and stable prices in the market. This traditional peak consumption season prompts various measures to ensure the production, sale, and supply of essential commodities during the festival.

Peishe Town, Wenxi County, Shanxi Province, displayed nearly 200 stalls of vegetables, fruits, candies, snacks, raw and cooked meats, creating a lively and bustling street market. The owner of one stall, Li Xiaoxing, proudly stated, “Almost everything is sold out, and I earn more than 800 yuan a day.”

The Dongga Farmers Wholesale Market in Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, attracted people from all ethnic groups, coming to purchase New Year products. The market offers complete, high-quality products at low prices, with residents expressing their satisfaction with the market’s offerings.

Specialty products also enrich people’s shopping experiences with various items available at New Year’s Fairs and International Agriculture Product Wholesale Markets. Frozen pears, frozen persimmons, and citrus fruits from different regions are some of the highlights of these markets.

The Ministry of Commerce’s monitoring indicates a steady increase in the purchase and sales stocks of key supply-guarantee enterprises across the country. Large-scale wholesale markets have sufficient daily necessities stocks, ensuring that the stocks have increased by 10% to 30% compared to regular levels.

Localities have also strengthened price monitoring of important commodities, ensuring price stability. The nation’s large-scale agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets reported that the average wholesale price remained stable compared to the beginning of the month.

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Despite challenges posed by heavy rain, snow, and freezing weather in some areas of the country, relevant local governments have taken measures to ensure emergency supply and stable prices. These measures include the allocation of vegetables from other provinces and coordinating with transportation and public security traffic control departments to prioritize the passage of vehicles transporting daily necessities.

The preparation measures taken across China exhibit a dedicated effort to ensure ample supply and stable prices to guarantee a joyous celebration of the Spring Festival.

[Director: Zhang Shiqi]

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