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Highlights of the first day of the Service Trade Fair show online booking and purchase of more than 90,000 tickets_event

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Original title: Highlights of the first day of the Service and Trade Fair show online booking for more than 90,000 tickets

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, September 3 (Reporters He Xu, Xia Xiaolun) On September 3, the 2021 China International Trade in Services Executive Committee Office announced the operation status. A total of 56 forum meetings and promotion and negotiation activities were held on that day. Among them, the country There are 27 games in the conference center, 17 games in Shougang Park and 12 games online. There are many highlights of various activities and fruitful results.

It is understood that there were 4,932 pure online exhibitors on that day, an increase of 59% year-on-year. There were 6,458 online platforms and 30,197 exhibits uploaded. Nearly 7,000 people attended 14 cloud conferences. More than 90,000 tickets have been booked online. Media ferry lines and passenger and merchant ferry lines are operating normally, with a total of 107 departures.

The forum meeting focused on the cutting edge.Five summit forums including the 2021 China E-Commerce Conference, Digital Trade Development Trends and Frontier Summit Forum, the theme event for the first anniversary of the construction of the “Two Districts” in Beijing, the international summit of the construction of the “Two Districts”, the opening ceremony and main event of the International Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo Forums and other industry-specific forums focus on hot topics and cutting-edge trends in the service field, conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges, and share wisdom results.

Highlights of the content of the show were numerous.New technologies, new achievements, and new applications such as 5G smart medical care, 5G fully connected factories, 5G smart unmanned warehouses, and 5G+MEC smart heritage parks have been unveiled. “Digital Cultural Relics”, “VR Theater” and “Forbidden City Community” will be backfilled for protection through the Digital Cultural Relics Repository, Digital Duobao Pavilion, Famous Paintings of the Forbidden City, Panorama Forbidden City, Forbidden City Archaeological Sites, Digital Forbidden City Mini Program, and “Forbidden City Products” APP. The archaeological site of the Forbidden City was “moved back” to the audience. Millions of cultural relics and treasures traveled across the sky and “interacted” with the audience in all directions, conveying the long history and culture of the Chinese nation.

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In addition, Huang Jian, the global “Olympic art messenger”, shared the “Olympic Art Dream” on the spot, students from the Capital Institute of Physical Education performed martial arts on the spot, the gold coach of the Beijing Skateboard Team shared and interacted with skateboarding skills on the spot, and experts from the Beijing Model Association taught model making on the spot. Multiple interactive activities such as the interaction of puppets in the cinema, let the audience feel the charm of the service trade fair.

According to reports, on September 4, various topics of the Service Trade Fair will continue to arrange rich forum meetings and exciting interactive activities for exhibitions. Among them, cultural tourism services will hold the “China Cultural Industry Development Summit Forum” to discuss the same-frequency resonance and integrated development of digital technology and cultural industries. Promote the on-site interaction of the top ten animal stars in the zoo, the combined display of cultural and creative derivatives and animal science knowledge, and hold more than 20 cultural activities. For health services, 3 forum activities and 4 popular science interactions will be held, including the Brain Science and Brain Nerve Summit Forum and the Innovative R&D Service Forum.Return to Sohu to see more


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