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Huada Community in Quanzhou: Sweet Laba Congee to Warm Neighborhoods

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Social workers are making Laba porridge.Photo courtesy of Fengze District

Social workers are distributing Laba porridge.Photo by Huang Yuxin, a reporter from Southeast Net

Southeast Net, January 10 (Reporter Huang Yuxin of this website, Correspondent Liu Weihong) In order to further promote traditional folk culture and enhance neighbors’ emotions, on the day of Laba Festival on January 10, Huada Community Neighborhood Committee in Fengze District, Quanzhou City joined hands with Huada Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions and Huada Sub-district Federation of Trade Unions. Dajie Social Work Station and Fengze District Qifan Social Work Service Center jointly launched the theme activity “Sweet Laba Congee to Warm Neighbourhood”, and sent a warm Laba Congee to community residents, hoping to get rid of the epidemic and welcome auspiciousness and happiness in the coming year.

Beginning at 8 o’clock in the morning, the door of the community neighborhood committee was filled with laughter. The staff carefully selected the eight-treasure porridge materials, boiled them slowly, and distributed them to the community neighborhood committees after they were cooked. At the same time, caring volunteers came to visit and delivered porridge to some of the elderly and widows in the community, so that they all had a steaming, happy and festive Laba Festival. The sweet and delicious Laba porridge was well received by the residents. In less than two hours, more than 300 hot porridges were distributed.

At the event site, social workers also told everyone about the origin, customs and culture of Laba Festival, so that residents and friends could fully understand the customs and habits of traditional festivals and also feel the profoundness and profoundness of Chinese culture. This event not only increased the flavor of the year, promoted the traditional culture, but also sent residents the care and warmth of the community.


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