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In Cesar, the La Loma Solar Park was inaugurated

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In Cesar, the La Loma Solar Park was inaugurated

In the department of Cesar, a mega solar park was inaugurated in the towns of La Loma and El Potrerillo.

With an approximate investment of $126 million dollarsthis pioneering project will benefit thousands of people and will contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The solar plant has an installed capacity of 187 megawatts in direct current (MWdc), thanks to the interconnection of more than 400 thousand panels distributed over 388.59 hectares. This infrastructure includes an electrical connection line to energize the connection bay at the La Loma substation, as well as a transmission line and a transformer at the Matepalma substation. It is estimated that its implementation will prevent the emission of more than 200,000 tons of CO2.

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In addition to its positive environmental impact, the project has generated more than 1,700 jobss, with approximately 75% of these jobs belonging to the department of Cesar and 62% to the townships of Potrerillo and La Loma. More than 2,500 people have also been trained in various training, community strengthening, beekeeping and quality education programs.

The importance of this project is not only limited to its environmental and economic contribution, but also highlights the fundamental role of women in these communities. The rector of the Potrerillo Educational Institution expressed that the project has been a boost to highlight the importance of women in the community.

During the inauguration, President Gustavo Petro highlighted the importance of this initiative in a historically relegated area, while the Minister of Mines and EnergyAndrés Camacho, highlighted the commitment of the Government of Change to the Just Energy Transition.

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