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It’s a good thing that the U.S. and China reopened the talks

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The German-language media expressed some views on the video meeting with Xi. Many media said that it is a good thing that the United States and China reopened the talks.

The German weekly “Der Spiegel” stated that the United States and China have been armament both rhetorically and militarily for several months. But US President Biden is now in talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Given the danger, it is a good thing that opponents can talk.

The “Times” weekly also believes that the Sino-US conflict is not easy to resolve, but it may be manageable. The talks took the first step in this direction. The two countries have accumulated a series of conflicts, including both countries are expanding their armaments. Military cooperation between the United States and its Indo-Pacific allies and partners is growing. In turn, China is expanding its naval and nuclear arsenals. In addition, no place in the world faces the risk of war more than Taiwan. The United States has repeatedly stated that if China launches an attack, the United States will “defend” this island nation. In China’s view, this is a shameless interference in China’s internal affairs. The Communist Party regards the unification of the country as a sacred duty. But it is precisely the competition and confrontation between these two countries that will create global politics in the coming decades. Denial is of no avail. In Biden’s words, people can only manage it responsibly. Therefore, there will never be too many conversations between the heads of the United States and China.

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The Swiss newspaper “New Zurich” stated that on the Taiwan issue, the two sides mainly used diplomatic tone at the summit. Biden corrected his previous remarks, acknowledging that there is no guarantee of protection for Taiwan in the traditional Taiwan policy of the United States. Xi Jinping also returned to the traditional line, talking about the peaceful reunification of Taiwan and the mainland, and using patience as his motto. According to Xi Jinping, only when this island country implements separatism will it set foot on Beijing’s red line. According to this standard, Americans can live well.

The Munich Mercury newspaper reported that nuclear disarmament and dealing with terrible oil prices-these are the first details of the talks revealed after the Xi Xi summit. At first, the best thing about the US-China summit seemed to be that Xi Jinping and Biden were finally able to talk to each other. It is now obvious that they also talked about specific issues, such as oil and nuclear weapons. China and the United States hope to discuss nuclear disarmament on a regular basis. According to Chinese media reports, the two sides also discussed the possible release of strategic oil reserves. This measure should help curb the rapidly rising global oil prices. The United States and China have never cooperated in nuclear weapons or nuclear disarmament before. Therefore, it is very surprising that Biden and Xi Jinping have reached a series of high-profile dialogues on nuclear disarmament. According to Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, Biden has put this issue on the agenda. The United States is concerned about China’s rapidly growing nuclear arsenal. The US Department of Defense recently warned that by 2030, China may have about 1,000 nuclear warheads at any time. One thing that worries the two countries is the surge in oil prices. China is the world’s largest oil importer. The United States is one of the largest consumers. According to Chinese media reports, the two heads of state discussed the possible release of strategic oil reserves. The South China Morning Post quoted a source as saying that in view of rising oil prices, Biden asked Xi Jinping to work with the United States to put oil reserves on the market to curb price growth. According to sources in the newspaper, China is open to this idea, but has not yet decided to take any specific measures. In the face of high inflation in the United States, Biden is under pressure. In addition, only a few hours after the summit, Chinese media reported on a framework agreement negotiated on the eve of the summit. The agreement restored the rights of American journalists in China. At the same time, the United States will allow verified Chinese journalists to return to the United States.A U.S. government spokesperson confirmed these reports

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