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It’s about the overall situation of the global epidemic

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  First report|It’s about the overall situation of the global epidemic

The first meeting of the International Forum on New Crown Vaccine Cooperation was held on the evening of the 5th by video. President Xi Jinping delivered a written speech to the meeting.

In the battle with the new coronavirus, vaccines are crucial and should be distributed fairly and rationally on a global scale.

In his written speech, President Xi Jinping announced that throughout the year, China will strive to provide 2 billion doses of vaccine to the world and donate US$100 million to the “New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan”.

This announcement injects strong impetus into promoting equitable access to global vaccines, and boosts confidence in the fight against the “epidemic” for the world, especially the developing countries.

For a long time, President Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the fair and reasonable distribution of vaccines on a global scale, leading China in fulfilling its responsibilities as a major country, and continuously deepening international vaccine cooperation——

To promote the global fight against the epidemic, especially to help the vast number of developing countries obtain vaccines and respond to the epidemic. China’s contribution is obvious to all, and representatives of international agencies and developing countries highly appraise——

Producer: Zhou Zongmin

Planning: Chen Zhi

Producer: Feng Junyang

Coordinator: Xie Peng, Chen Yong, Zhao Hui, Yan Junyan

Reporters: Wu Danni, Chen Junxia, ​​Chen Binjie, Wu Hao

Video: Tian Rui, Huang Shunda, Zhao Hui

Text: Ge Chen, Chen Shan

Editors: Wang Yachen, Dang Qi, Liu Jun, Zhang Xiaoru, Wang Shen, Xu Xiaolei, Wang Shengmei

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Vision: Dang Qi, Wang Yachen, Chen Shan

Produced by the International Department of Xinhua News Agency

Produced by Xinhua News Agency’s International Communication Integration Platform

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