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Juró: two members of the ELN surrendered in Punta Ardita

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In Punta Ardita, district of Juradó, two alleged members of the ELN surrendered before the troops of the Colombian Navy and the National Army.

Alias ​​”Pocillo” and alias “El Paisa”, who would have belonged for three and five months respectively to the Cimarrón Resistance Front of the ELN, appeared before the troops of the Marine Infantry Battalion No. 23 and the National Army, expressing their willingness to begin the process of return to legality.

At the time of delivery, they made available to military personnel a pistol, a magazine, six cartridges of different calibers and five identification bracelets of this group outside the law.

They were immediately transported by sea from Punta Ardita to the municipality of Juradó, where they received medical attention and their good health was verified.

Subsequently, the military personnel established communication with the Attorney General’s Office, the Ombudsman’s Office and the Humanitarian Assistance Group for Demobilized Persons, in order to provide guarantees for the respective process and return to civilian life.

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