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Martin Fayulu at the CENI: “This time, it will not pass”

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Opponent Martin Fayulu responded this Wednesday, July 12, through a lively press conference in Kinshasa, to the CENI press release on the opposition’s demands.

“This time, it will not pass. It’s time we can stop this bleeding.” launched Martin Fayulu. According to him, the CENI’s response to opponents “is one provocation too many”.

The president of the Citizen Engagement for Development (ECIDE) party calls for an external audit of the electoral register by an independent body. Otherwise, he threatens, his electoral platform Lamuka will not submit candidacies at all levels:

“In the absence of a reliable file, audited by a reputable independent body, we will not submit our application files. We refuse to whitewash the fraud and therefore to accompany Mr. Felix Tshisekedi and his sacred union in a new electoral forfeiture”.

Consequently, launches Martin Fayulu, “We remind the Congolese people that in accordance with article 64 of the constitution, we have the obligation to defeat any form of dictatorship. We must therefore mobilize to prevent the electoral parody in preparation from happening.

He recalls that the truth of the ballot box begins with a reliable electoral file. However, he points out that his party is not going to boycott the elections.

The CENI plenary, in its response to opponents who demanded the external audit of the electoral register, had found it “illogical to undertake another external audit of the electoral register without a solid justification”.

The Plenary noted that apart from the challenge of the composition of the external audit mission, no serious argument came to contradict the conclusions of this mission, indicates the press release of the CENI.

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