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Peace for development

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Peace for development

By: José Eliseo Baicué Peña

Most emerging countries are increasingly making efforts to create their own national strategies with the purpose of eradicating poverty. They are concerned with establishing good governance in a democratic context and finding alternatives that better respond to the needs of citizens.

However, it is observed that, precisely, those countries are the ones that deteriorate year after year, showing low levels of quality of life and weak economic growth.

Experts maintain that this is because a high percentage of the efforts made by governments is based on proposals that do not come to fruition. Therefore, citizens, at the end of the government periods, end up approving these theories. Although there are some exceptions.

Undoubtedly, poverty, ignorance, injustice, corruption and violent conflicts continue to be the great causes that generate the suffering and hardship of the majority of people who live in these countries.

Of course, it is not enough to generate economic growth if it is not adequately distributed among the population. That is, it is necessary to implement a mechanism that allows resources to be transferred from those who have them to those who really need them.

Of course, it is also necessary for governments, the State, unions, academia and NGOs to commit to the majority so that development, justice and peace reach everyone, and freer societies can be achieved.

Let us remember that at the beginning of any period of new government, the population always hopes to see their situation, their life, their social role improved. Although, the results are always the same, or worse.

That is why it is necessary that the majority have opportunities and access to the acquisition and generation of knowledge, to the advances of science and technology; Therefore, it is urgent to generate development from below and from within, to eradicate poverty, achieve quality of life, create wealth and distribute it equitably and achieve good levels of social inclusion.

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It is necessary to take measures that lead to the realization of great ideas, on the one hand; and to be practical, on the other. First, to think about clear and viable proposals; and, secondly, to act punctually and efficiently at the root of the problems. We cannot continue thinking and allowing people to live at the mercy of their destiny. The support of an entire society is required, and the will of open and free minds.

And, for all this, it is urgent that peace be achieved.

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