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President of the Republic highlights work against organized crime

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President of the Republic highlights work against organized crime

“Organized crime is looking for the weakest jurisdictions and governments to be able to carry out its actions,” said the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, today, expressing “great concern” about what is currently happening in Ecuador.

«This does not happen overnight, this is a series of years of authorities and governments that decided to look to the side and think that a criminal act is not a problem or that a criminal group that grows is not going to put it at risk. to a Nation,” said the president in an event where he decorated agents of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (Senad).

The recognition went to Senad agents and officials who participated in the Ignis and Dakovo operations, which allowed the dismantling of criminal structures and the seizure of an important arsenal.

“Today I come to pay tribute to the Senad officials and tell them that the small acts of courage, who make decisions to do the right thing every day, do not go unnoticed, they are great gestures that make the Nation great,” he said. the mandatary.

Peña expressed that there can be no development in a Nation if there is no security and order, and that this order is built “with those Paraguayans who choose to walk the path of the law, fighting those criminal groups.”

“Our actions did not end with Dakovo, Ignis or Veneratio, it is just beginning because organized crime is going to come with more force to want to confront the forces of order,” the president warned.

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In that sense, he indicated that just as crime is organized, the State, the government and Paraguayan society at all levels are also organized to confront it.

He pointed out that success in this fight is achieved “when more citizens unite in just causes, when we show that it is worth doing things well, and when we have more and more authorities and bosses who value small acts of courage that are not come”.

“That is why today, more than coming to celebrate these great operations, I come to honor the small acts of courage that are done every day, that remain anonymous, that are not recognized, but that are what make the difference so that a Nation develops,” he concluded.

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