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Pro loco Lozzo, one step closure: “Either the replacement or it all ends here”

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Pro loco Lozzo, one step closure: “Either the replacement or it all ends here”

President Zanella invites the people of Lozzo to Palazzo Pellegrini for tomorrow. “It would be a shame to lose a heritage built over the years”


“Last call for the Lozzesi: or there will be a replacement by the end of the year, otherwise the Pro loco di Lozzo will close”. This was said, sadly, by the pro-tempore president of the institution, Patrizia Zanella, who in recent months has been trying to involve and sensitize citizens on the importance of Pro loco, especially in small towns. Davide Praloran will also arrive tomorrow evening, at 8:15 pm at Palazzo Pellegrini, who has headed UNPLI (the union of the pro loco Bellunesi) since 2019.

«This is a second and last attempt to explain what a Pro loco is and how it works. In May we had already held a meeting of this type, there was also a wide participation, but so far no one has come forward. Our management will be completed by the end of the year and, if there is no one who wants to take it over, we will put a cross on it ».

A Pro loco that has been operating in Lozzo for many years with numerous initiatives, for young and old.

“Also this summer will be full of events, including concerts, exhibitions and village festivals”, continues Zanella, “on August 6 we will reserve a big surprise for everyone and then we will conclude the season and the entire activity of our management with a party of greetings to supporters, supporters and citizenship ».

In short, the word now passes to the Lozzesi: in six months the final decision to take over and continue the activity of the Pro loco; or, with the beginning of 2024, everything will disappear.

“Closing the Pro loco would mean a big loss for our country, it would mean selling all the equipment supplied, no longer offering events distributed throughout the year for citizens and guests, as well as minimizing the tourist offer and the welcome, especially with the important tourist office service », explains Zanella.

The pro-tempore president herself, in her second term, looks over her shoulder and goes backwards along the path of these years; and she points out the important step of adapting the statute to the third sector code, making the body re-enter the social promotion associations.

«A difficult decision to take is to leave», Zanella admits, «but we realized that our work is not rewarded by the interest of the citizens. Why keep working if there is no feedback? Moreover, with the bureaucracy that is advancing, more than volunteering it is almost a real job. I launch the last appeal and make myself available to follow any successors step by step, at least at the beginning. If there is union, perhaps we will be able to look to the future with confidence ».

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