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Rays farewell to his office in the Capitol: “For me it was an honor, I will give constructive support to the battles for Rome”

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Virginia Raggi, the first woman and the first pentastellata at the Capitol, greeted and thanked personally the collaborators, the offices, the ceremonial, the advocacy, the general secretary. And with today the curtain falls on the Rays era in the Capitol. It was June 23, 2016 when, elected with 67% and 770 thousand votes, a real avalanche, looking out for the first time from the balcony of her studio, she burst into tears with emotion. “For me it was an honor to be at the helm of this wonderful city”, he said in the afternoon congratulating Roberto Gualtieri after the first screenings which gave him a clear advantage. “For my part there will be loyal and constructive support in the battles that will have Rome at heart” Raggi assured, anticipating the “constructive opposition” guaranteed by Giuseppe Conte.

“The fight against crime, work, attention to the suburbs and transport have always been my priorities”, recalled Raggi and, looking to the future, he underlined: “I hope that the new mayor will carry on the important work started in these five years of administration “. Dedication that Gualtieri himself to the feast of Piazza Santi Apostoli underlines by recalling “the commitment of the mayor Raggi”, also challenging some buzz of discontent. First female mayor of the capital, Virginia Raggi was elected in June 2016, obtaining 67.15% of the votes in the ballot, more than double the votes of challenger Roberto Giachetti. A troubled mandate for the first M5S mayor of Rome amid turbulence and resignation in the council, waste emergency and judicial inquiries. It was investigated for the appointments of Renato Marra and Salvatore Romeo which ended with an dismissal for the accusation of abuse of office and a double acquittal for that of false ideological in public deed. His council was also characterized by farewells and alternations in the team with as many as 15 councilors replaced in 5 years. Sustainable mobility and the reorganization of accounts are the strong points of the Raggi administration, which in recent years has not been spared from criticism on various fronts such as waste management and the presence of wild boars in the city, but also for the decision in the months immediately following his election to withdraw Rome’s candidacy as a future venue for the 2024 Olympics. Then in August last year the announcement that she would be reappointed as mayor of the capital, effectively marking the end of one of the pillars of the Movement: the rule of the double mandate. A choice supported by a part of the M5S, but which was opposed by various exponents of the same movement which, in Lazio, is coming to the Region with Zingaretti. The Count himself did not want this choice, or at least, he fully hoped that Raggi would desist. Now Raggi is no longer a mayor but starts from Rome for a national career: already in the M5S Guarantee Committee he wants to coagulate a working group to start over from the territory. Not a current. At least not for now.

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