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Sparkasse OÖ: No light food despite Lent

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Sparkasse OÖ: No light food despite Lent

The Sparkasse Oberösterreich, founded in 1849, has been celebrating Ash Wednesday for more than two decades with events and discussions on socially relevant topics. This year, under the motto “The focus is on people”, ethics, sustainability, new work, regionality and (financial) health were on the program. The panel discussion in the Ars Electronica Center included the board directors of Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Manuel Molnar, Maximilian Pointner and Martin Punzenberger, as well as Franz Harnoncourt (Managing Director of Upper Austrian Health Holding), Wolfgang Reisinger (COO Tractive) and the Managing Director of she:works, Susanne Steckerl .

When it comes to the issue of sustainability, Sparkasse Oberösterreich also addresses itself: for example with a job bike, a fleet of e-cars and e-bikes for business trips or with the establishment of a zero-energy branch in Gallneukirchen.


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