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Sponsorship at ESSTIC: Why is the choice of Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga by the students of the 53rd promotion disturbing?

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Sponsorship at ESSTIC: Why is the choice of Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga by the students of the 53rd promotion disturbing?

Since the creation in 1970 of the Yaounde International School of Journalism (ESIJY), which later became the Higher School of Information and Communication Sciences and Techniques (ESSTI) and Communication (ESSTIC), the question of the sponsorship of promotions has never caused so much ink and saliva to flow.

An extracurricular activity, which gives free rein to students to choose their baptismal name. This can be either a qualifier or a person whose reputation and record of service in the field of information and communication are established. It is without protocol that the members of the promotion inform the administration of this well-considered choice that they assume.

Years passed and promotions followed. Among them, the promotion Daniel Anicet Noah (46th) to which I belong, promotion Paul Celestin Ndembiyembe (45th), promotion Jean Francois Ngue Ngan, promotion Evelyne Owona Essomba (50th), to name a few. All eminent journalists who knew how to pass on knowledge to their foals during their stay at L’ESSTIC.

After the training stage, several of them have cut ties with their promotion. Disconcerted, former students testify that some of these sponsors do not even remember or even not having been sponsors. Others wonder about the number of students to whom they have facilitated access to employment in the field.

In view of the difficulty of finding a well-paid job, several graduates of this school, which has not been integrated for a long time, have been forced to migrate to other activities that have no connection with their training. For those who have been lucky enough to be recruited in press organs, they face the eternal problem of salary arrears. It is on the strength of this sad picture, the lack of consideration and this total disinterest that some sponsors display that the students of the 53rd promotion of journalism of L’ESSTIC led by Cyriaque Mbesse, journalist at Crtv, have set their sights on Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, media magnate. After insistence, the President of the Anecdote Group will finally agree to this request made by his young compatriots as a sign of recognition for the titanic work he is doing in the press world.

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The media empire of the known and recognized businessman is essential throughout the national territory and beyond the borders of Cameroon. From the Anecdote newspaper to the Vision 4 African television via Satellite Fm radio, Telesud and Vision 4 RCA, the media of Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga, who is one of the most prolific press bosses of his generation, offer regularly professional internships for students and use many products from this school. Why did the choice made on his name to sponsor this promotion create this lively controversy? Doesn’t the name of this man, a great builder, deserve to be inscribed on the beautiful pages of a domain in which he has invested himself for several years? Why is his name so disturbing? Why so much interest around this patriot who works for the development of Cameroonian youth? Whether we like it or not, its action for the development of the country speaks in its favor. And let him who has never fished cast the first stone. No one can extinguish the light of the sun.

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