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Summer weather attracts people to the city

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Summer weather attracts people to the city
The picnic blankets were spread out on the Schlossplatz in summer temperatures. Photo: Lichtgut/Ferdinando Iannone

With temperatures around 28 degrees, the city of Stuttgart is jam-packed. The weekend invites you to stroll, eat ice cream and shop. We have the pictures.


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Almost the entire week beamed in Stuttgart die Sonneonly on Corpus Christi brought a thunderstorm sometimes a lot of water. The Stuttgart fire brigade had to move out several times, including in the Klett passage, the water was standing and penetrated two shops. It’s been since Friday Sommer completely back, temperatures around 28 degrees have been luring many people outdoors since then.

On Saturday, the city of Stuttgart was jam-packed. When shopping and strolling in the pedestrian zone, an ice cream brought a little cooling. The picnic blankets were spread out around the Schlossplatz fountain. There is also a lot on offer for children in the state capital this weekend. The children and family festival makes the Downtown to the huge playground; playing, handicrafts and discovering are still in the foreground until Sunday. Around the Schlossplatz and the Eckensee, 120 activities are offered, including numerous sports activities that can be tried out.

But the summer temperatures also have their downsides. Except for the storm on Thursday, it has hardly rained in Stuttgart and the region recently. How to assess the current situation in the Stuttgart region shows a look at our data project climate control center.

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