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Teacher killed in the car, there is a suspect. The murder in a video

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TARQUINIA LIDO – The good man, “on the verge of submissive”, has entered a story of passion that has marked its end. In the parking lot of a park on the edge of the Saline di Tarquinia, the natural reserve that the teacher, the good man, had raised. The killer shot him in the head. Above the left ear, a point blank shot. Last Tuesday, three in the afternoon.

The professor, Dario Angeletti, 50 years old, two daughters, a veterinary wife, a doctor father, he had recently become an associate of the University of Tuscia after a life as a precarious researcher. He may have tried to escape by car. The tracks on the ground of his gray Volvo, on the beaten track, on the grass, are deep. Forward backward. As if the professor had seen the weapon pulled out and tried a desperate reverse, then trying to engage the first. Nothing to do. The carabinieri, called on the spot by a passer-by, found him with his seat belt still fastened, in the driving seat. The car stops in front of the parking meter of the parking area, designed to free the Saline Reserve from traffic.

“He was a passionate teacher and a man of total meekness”, says, with wet eyes, an assistant from his course of study who arrived on a festive day here, at the bottom of the strip of land of the Dunes, where an entire village is in way of restructuring, to recover a delivery for the marine laboratory of the Cismar experimental center, which Professor Angeletti led.

Tarquinia, in a video the murder of Angeletti. There is a suspect. Investigations into the professor’s private life

by Alessio Campana, Aurelio Petri

Already. But the explanation of that shot in the face is not to be found in the activity of the teacher of the Civitavecchia Polo, not even in his conferences to promote an area of ​​unique beauty and ongoing animal repopulation. In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the carabinieri of the Viterbo operational nucleus began to model a private and passionate track through the various testimonies heard. They reconstructed the story of a marriage in crisis and were directed to San Martino al Cimino, 54 kilometers inland, where, during the night, they questioned a man who knew the professor and who had recently had some discussions with him. for a woman. During the interrogation that man accused an illness and was taken to the Belcolle hospital in Viterbo, and guarded there. He is a suspect, he is the suspect, but, for now, the Public Prosecutor of Civitavecchia has not raised any arrest.

“He was so good that we don’t understand who could possibly harm him,” says his daughter Maria Elena. Of course, Professor Angeletti could only have received the appointment in the Parco delle Saline from a person he knew. It is his home. He follows that road, coming from Tarquinia, where he grew up, almost every day. And whoever summoned him, armed, hadn’t made any inspections. The area, and that parking lot, are monitored by three cameras, installed to keep the public away from the wildlife oasis. A video camera, set up in Via Filippo Giorgio, points exactly at the parking meter, where the professor had stopped the Volvo. The murder scene, only a hundred meters away, has been resumed: the carabinieri are working on the shape imprinted in the video, shot in good lighting conditions. and on the two cars in the park: the Volvo and that of the murderer. And they are trying, thanks also to the filming, to highlight the contradictions in the defense of the suspect.

Today, in Rome, Institute of Forensic Medicine, an autopsy on the body of Dario Angeletti is scheduled, but the doctor who intervened in the first instance has not yet linked the cartridge case found in the park with the wound on Angeletti’s face. The weapon has not yet been found.

The professor’s Tarquinia has stopped, has turned off the lights, frozen the parties. And so two days of mourning were declared by the Polo di Civitavecchia of the University of Tuscia: today and tomorrow, days normally marked by the lessons of the marine biologist. For eleven years he has been teaching, respected, well-liked, Applied Ecology and Protection of the marine environment.


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