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Tesãi Foundation is an icon of modern medicine in the Three Borders region

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Tesãi Foundation is an icon of modern medicine in the Three Borders region

They are highly complex studies and procedures with a lower dose of radiation angiography and use of contrast.

The representative for Latin America of General Electric (GE Healthcare), Rodrigo Souza, visited the Tesãi Foundation, social axis of Itaipú Binacional to carry out a training and updating course aimed at interventional radiologists, which will allow maximize the use and management of hemodynamic equipment (angiography).

“This important international continuing education training will make it possible to achieve better diagnoses and treatments in cardiovascular pathologies, neurointerventionism, narrowing of blood vessels, endovascular system such as aortic aneurysms, obstructive arteriopathy, among others.†Â


The Hospital of Area 2 of the Tesãi Foundation has a GE HealthCare Innova TM IGS 5 angiographic equipment, an advanced tool and unique in Paraguay for its characteristics used for a variety of procedures that allows viewing the blood vessels (arteries and veins), through high-resolution interventional images (three-dimensional reconstructions), whether in catheterization studies, angiography, coronary arteriography, heart valves, stents and neurological interventions.

“It is the newest equipment in all of Paraguay, we want to help them use the tools as much as possible, with permanent support. Training and review of mechanical commands, the basic functions of the equipment, management and use of navigation instruments to ensure the effectiveness and precision of the procedures,” explained the expert.

Accuracy in diagnoses

The objective of diagnostic methods is to know if there is any disease, narrowing, enlargement and obstruction in the blood vessels in the case of pulmonary embolisms, arteriovenous malformations, tumors, aortic aneurysms and stent placement.

Intensive training


The review, training and updating was carried out by Rodrigo Souza, representative for Latin America of General Electric (GE Healthcare) and interventional clinical leader, with special focus on the fusion of three-dimensional images.

“All this will allow an improvement in the treatment of patients, not only diagnosis with the use of the fusion of three-dimensional images made with the equipment itself or brought from tomography or resonance because we are talking about procedures with less doses. of radiation and less use of contrast,” he stressed.

Artificial intelligence

The TM IGS 5 hemodynamic equipment (Angiograph) has cutting-edge technology with an advanced artificial intelligence system, with “better adjustment of image quality along with the dose. According to the anatomy that is planned with the procedure, the equipment makes a better balance between the radiation doses and the quality of the images,” said Rodrigo Souza, from General Electric, Brazil.

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