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The 20 is drawn, we must drink it and the war of 3 (Trojan) put aside

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The 20 is drawn, we must drink it and the war of 3 (Trojan) put aside

It’s done. The presidential candidate number 20 better the president candidate, Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi won hands down the presidential election of December 20. 73.34%, a first since the advent of the 3rd Republic for a candidate to be a distinction (if this was the case for a student at the university, the Higher Institute). Candidate number 3, Moïse Katumbi collected 18% in graveyard silence.

The Trojan War, better than three (3) in the manner of ancient Greece, will not take place. The difference, the better the gap was between the two protagonists and moreover antagonists in an election strewn with serious irregularities of the least who did not question the order of arrival of the winner.

Fatshi or no one. The order was respected. The famous “Mwana Mboka” understand the “Son of the country” was elected in place of the foreign candidate, Moïse Katumbi.

When the announcement of the results for the race for the supreme office was announced, scenes of jubilation were noted here and there across the city of Kinshasa, particularly in the commune of Kintambo where candidate number 20 was elected and even acclaimed in the view of the results made public after counting. This, as throughout Kinshasa, reputed to be a bastion of the opposition.

It is also the very first time that the presidential verdict has been known during the afternoon and not at night. Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi is re-elected for a second five-year term. Moïse Katumbi comes in 2nd position with 18% and Martin Fayulu finishes 3rd with 5% in an election which saw the participation of 26 candidates.

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