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The 2024 Aerospace Culture and Art Forum was successfully held in Wuhan – Jingchu Net – Hubei Daily Net

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“Aerospace Culture and Art Forum Held in Hubei, Astronauts Share Insights on China’s Space Industry”

Hubei Daily all-media reporter Xu Kuang correspondent Yang Deyi

Special astronaut Nie Haisheng of the China Astronaut Research and Training Center expressed his joy at returning to his hometown of Hubei during the 2024 “Aerospace Culture and Art Forum” held in Wuhan. The forum, themed “Stars Set Sail, Art Boundless,” brought together experts and astronaut representatives from various fields to discuss the development of aerospace culture and international cooperation.

Nie Haisheng, a veteran astronaut who has completed three manned missions, shared his experiences and aspirations at the event, inspiring the audience with his dedication to serving the country and advancing China’s aerospace industry. Gui Haichao, another astronaut and payload expert for the Chinese Space Station, emphasized the importance of spreading aerospace knowledge and culture to inspire the younger generation.

The forum also featured discussions on cross-border collaborations between the aerospace industry and the cultural sector, as well as the future trends in aerospace culture and art. Notably, a Chinese documentary titled “Hello, Mars!” received the Best Documentary Award at the Tsiolkovsky International Space Film Festival, showcasing China’s contributions to space exploration.

As the forum concluded, Li Guoping, chief engineer of the National Space Administration, called for continued international cooperation in aerospace technology and culture to build a shared future for humanity in outer space. The event was a platform for promoting the development of aerospace science and technology and enhancing public understanding of the space industry.

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Aspiring young students like Cao Yumeng, who attended the forum, expressed their enthusiasm for pursuing careers in aerospace and serving the motherland. Schools in the region have planned engaging science activities to inspire students to explore the wonders of space and contribute to China’s growing presence in the aerospace sector.

The successful outcome of the Aerospace Culture and Art Forum in Hubei highlights the nation’s progress in space exploration and the potential for future collaborations in advancing aerospace culture and technology on a global scale.

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