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The “official spokesman” on behalf of the “armed forces”: we will fight until the last soldier

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The “official spokesman” on behalf of the “armed forces”: we will fight until the last soldier

Sudani Net:

The official spokesman for the “Sudanese Armed Forces,” Brigadier General “Nabil Abdullah,” confirmed that the armed forces will continue to fight in the rebel “Quick Support” militia until the last soldier.
Nabil said in a statement obtained by “Sudani Net” that “the armed forces will not lay down their arms until the end of the last rebel, regardless of the scope of the battle.”

It is noteworthy that a wave of discontent among citizens and public opinion prevailed after the announcement of the previous truce with the rebel militia, which exploits any truce in an attempt to reposition and spread in the capital, Khartoum.

The frequency of voices calling for the withdrawal of the delegation negotiating on behalf of the army from the “Jeddah” negotiations increased, as a number of politicians and media professionals declared their categorical rejection of any negotiations with the rebel militia, stressing the readiness of all Sudanese to bear arms and engage in resisting this foreign invasion, which was disguised as the “quick support” militia.

It is noteworthy that many video clips and photos were spread during the recent truce documenting brutal crimes committed by the rebel militia against innocent people, including looting and stealing property, occupying residential homes after evacuating their residents, and threatening defenseless citizens with firearms.

A video clip of a number of militia members raping a minor girl in her home was also circulated, and they brutally filmed the rape, which aroused public opinion, which demanded the army leadership to stop any negotiations with this militia and resolve it with weapons only.

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