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The projects of Casa Santander in Bogotá

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The projects of Casa Santander in Bogotá

Casa Santander reopened its doors at its headquarters in Bogotá not only to serve and support Santander residents in the country’s capital but for all those who want to work for the eastern Colombian department.

KienyKe.com spoke with Governor Juvenal Díaz Mateus, the Social Manager, Victoria Casallas and Nicolás Ordóñez, Director of Government Relations of the Government of Santander, about the bold vision and expectations they have about this space with which they seek to contribute to the projects and the challenges posed by this administration.

“We are going to transform the house so that it helps the people of Santander who need to carry out their projects and events, we also want it to be a place from which we can manage resources with the National Government, with the parliamentarians with the processes to bring progress to the department,” mentioned the former retired General and now Governor about the purpose of reopening opportunities.

One of the key points for the Governor is tourism, positioning the department as a must-see destination for nationals and foreigners, promoting different routes of provinces that have opportunities to promote the biodiversity that characterizes this country such as Chicamocha, the second canyon. largest in the world, Barichara and the Guane region, important for its royal roads, among many other locations ready to make its visitors fall in love.

“We want to invite Colombians and foreigners to visit the department. May this place be the embassy, ​​the consulate not only for the people of Santander but for all those who want to build and work for Santander. We are inviting politicians, businessmen, and ordinary citizens to come with their ideas because it is time for Santander,” said Victoria Casallas, first lady and social manager of Santander.

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